Vertical Window Outdoor screens – Great for Window Coverings

If you want to have more creative looking windows, all you need to do is use them. Windows play an important role in the house, since this is where we let the air circulate for better ventilation, and this is our access to the outside world when we are inside the house. In addition, people can sometimes take a look at the window, and very decorative windows can be a beautiful sight. One of the highly valued means to decorate windows would be the use of window treatments that come in various forms. One of these types of window treatments is vertical outdoor screens. This form of window processing is very popular due to its flexible features. Not only do they add style and design to the window, but they also provide some outstanding features that allow people to better control the amount of light entering the house, while maintaining a degree of privacy.

pergola screen

Outdoor screens can create great looking windows

Its effect can be dramatic, complex, formal or casual. You have so many options for outdoor screens available in the market. Most of them are made of wood or vinyl. They are easier to clean compare to curtains of heavy fabrics, since dust and dirt can adhere to curtains that require a tedious washing. A touch of cloth is enough with outdoor screens to clean them.

There are many styles of pergola screen that you can choose from. Among the favorites are the smooth and ribbed outdoor screens, the vertical fabric outdoor screens, the S-shaped and perforated designs. The vertical outdoor screens made of artificial wood will provide the best comfort in the room with its subtle features that easily combine with the rest of the furniture in the room. If you have large windows, the vertical outdoor screens of fabric that give a more formal look are the most appropriate, reducing the amount of light from outside. Smooth corrugated designs are ideal for commercial and residential windows. They are well adapted to the different colors of the windows and perfectly complement the general exterior design of the room.


Vertical outdoor screens are easier to maintain and provide useful treatments for windows, since they are not only a decorative addition to any room, but they are also very functional. They are ideal for window coverings due to their flexible design and style.