How to Use Ayurvedic Medicine to Treat Bell’s Palsy?

Even though the cause is unknown, it is curable within a couple of days, weeks or even months, depending on how far it has progressed. Yes, it may be painful and discomforting. However, you can either choose conventional or allopathic medicines, or alternatively, lots of folks are turning to Ayurvedic medicine for Bell’ palsy therapy. Allopathic medicine the more Well-known branch in the health care field is the one mainly used by most, the world over. This branch of medicine has a lot going for it as a fast solution to your affliction. But it is a fact that you might suffer from side effects and you will not know whether your condition will return. On the other hand, Ayurvedic medicine, a not so well-known branch of medicine in the western world although it is existed for centuries, not just permanently cures your disorders, like allergies, cold, Bell’s palsy, but also cures your immune system and mental health.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda or ‘Science of Life’, Mixes various organic herbs and ingredients, with no chemical products included, to treat various illness, such as cold, flu, allergies, Bell’s palsy, etc. For Bell’s palsy therapy, natural ingredients, such as basil, curcumin, and garlic, are known remedies for inflammation and for strengthening the immune system. They are as powerful as the traditional medicines! The added benefit is that there Are no harmful side effects. Vedic Relief, producers of the ancient herbal medications in America, follows strict FDA cGMP American standards. The plus point here is that no heavy metals are mixed in the medication, a controversial subject with many professionals in other medicines, particularly those manufactured in India and China.

Practitioners offering Ayurvedic treatment attack the disease from many diverse fronts: Diet modification, a cleansing program known as Panchakarma, and buy ayurvedic medicine online for diabetes will be used during the treatment. The main herbs used in this treatment are shilajit, Gurmaar turmeric, neem, Amalaki, guggul and arjuna. Each herbal medicine will play its part in regulating liver and pancreas functions. Each herb is going to be used at a Different fashion numerous times every day. A few of the herbs will be added to different fruit juices or water, while some will be ingested in a kind of capsules or rubbed on the body in a type of herbal paste. While there are several Over-the-counter and prescribed cold and cough medications on the marketplace, some prefer to have a natural approach in treating their ailments.